About the Book

Cider Made Simple; All About Your New Favorite Drink
Chronicle Books, Fall 2015
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The cider market is currently not large—about one-twentieth the size of craft beer—but it’s doubling every three years.  Cideries are sprouting everywhere from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, and acres and acres of cider apples are going into the fields.  It is one of the largest growth markets in alcoholic beverages, appealing to millennials, those who want a low-gluten diet--and anyone looking for a healthy, tasty pint to finish the day.  Although multinational companies are investing heavily in cider, most of the interest is among the small producers.  These artisanal makers follow the craft beer playbook, handcrafting cider in small batches and selling it as a specialty product to connoisseurs who enjoy microdistilled liquor, pinot noir, and IPAs.

As the market matures, consumers will see strange descriptions like "Basque-style," "scrumpy," and "cidre bouch√©," and they’re going to want to turn to an authoritative source to explain the differences.  Cider Made Simple will explore this wonderful beverage from the inside out—starting from the experience of tasting the cider and working back to how it was made.  The explanations will be enlivened by examples from working cideries in Herefordshire and Somerset in England, Normandy, France, the Basque Country in Spain, Quebec, Canada, and the USA, offering a virtual tour of the world, from branch to glass.

Cider Made Simple will be available Fall 2015.